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SEVEN+ is the advanced cycle of varnishing and finishing developed by Original Parquet. Seven or more layers of varnishes and finishes applied with the latest technologies give the Original parquet wood floor superior technical performances.


Would you like to visit our brand new showroom?

Come and visit the brand new Original Parquet showroom. With its 1,000 square meters of exhibition, it is among the largest in Italy dedicated to wooden floors.
Crossing a fascinating birch forest you can discover the elegant and wide range of colors and finishes branded Original Parquet. The floors of the Corporate Line are 100% MADE IN ITALY, practically zero-mile products, since the company’s production site is a few hundred meters from the showroom.

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ASEPTICA bacterial reduction up to 99,99%

In this particular period of our life we are increasingly realizing the importance of cleaning and above all of the hygiene of the things we are used to touching, without thinking about it, every day. Original Parquet thought about this problem for its wooden floors several years ago and, in 2011, developed and certified finishing varnishes with sanitizing activity that reduce the bacterial load up to 99.99%. The wooden floors treated with these paints provide a first precaution, where a reduction of bacterial contamination is required in a short time and in cases where it is difficult to guarantee a deep cleaning due to the position of the support itself; this can happen at home, if we have pets, but also and especially in public environments where immediate sanitizing action must be guaranteed.



Original Parquet Spa is one of the leading companies in Europe in the production of wooden floors.



The whole production area is equipped with the most modern plant technologies, thus respecting the environment and the workers life quality.



Versatility and technological know-how together with ability and typical Italian artisan creativity, allow the company to produce safe floors for private spaces and public crowded places.

Environment friendly

Original Parquet is equipped with a state-of-the art plant using the most advanced technologies for pre-finished floor working. A plant design which fully respects the environment, with advanced technological processes ensuring both operators health protection and respect of the threshold of minimum environmental impact.