Surfaces & Finishes


Special surface treatment obtained from a balanced mix of coarse cracks, large knots (both open and filled) and real deep grooves which give to the parquet an unique appearance, markedly “rural”.

Scraping is amongst the most antique embellishment techniques, being already adopted in the past since it was one of the few possible hand-working techniques due to the lack of machine-tools, it is still carried out today in the same way, with respect to the tradition where the main characteristic of surface unevenness is its fundamental element.

Rovere InvecchiatoSMOKED 
It is a particular treatment that doesn’t involve just the surface of the top layer but all the timber, through a specific process of work that gives a board-by-board irregular “brown” burnished shade, according to the natural substances contained in the different fibres.



It is a mechanical process carried out on the superficial part of the top layer made to obtain a wood cleaning and enhance the presence of superficial scratch grains. It is the most used technique to preserve the surface quality of the flooring in the course of time.

corporate Oliato UVUV OILING
This treatment through linear coating enables to obtain finishing similar to those obtained with traditional oils, compared to which it gives better chemical and mechanical performances.


corporate Verniciato UV satinatocorporate Verniciato UV semilucidoUV VARNISHING
This treatment is carried out with a transparent, photopolymerisable varnish with UV lamps and applicable in line with spread-roller, specifically formulated for prefinished parquet. Its main characteristics are wholeness, hardness, high scratch and abrasion resistance. According to the predefined number of GLOSS, a SEMI-GLOSSY look is obtainable.