Business Collection

The Business Collection is a large size supple and represents a more economically advantageous alternative to the unique planks of Italian production without preclude quality standards. It is an “Import” product controlled from the origin directly by our technicians and from the moment it was launched on the market has immediately received a considerable appreciation and response in terms of sales volumes. Available in Oak wood you can also choose, in addition to the natural version, a wide range of colors from bleached to teinted.

nominal dimensions
• Thickness 15 mm. (including 3/4 mm. )
• width 190 mm. *
• length of 1,880 mm. **

* Widths can vary according to the availability of time to mm. 180 mm. 200;
** Lengths can vary according to availability at the time from mm. To 1.800 mm. 2.000 (approx. 20% cut into 2 parts)

wooden species

Qualitative choices in compliance with the UNI EN 13489 technical standards:
• Free Class FC

UV Coating (Satin, Semi-Glossy) – UV Oiled

All items require a finish “brushed and UV Painted” semiglossy excluded ” Neutral Effect ” and ” Neutral Effect Grey “whose finishing is “Brushed and UV Oiled” realized in our factory in Italy.

Can be laid with bi-component glue or floating using the acoustic underlay.