Castelli Romani

The main feature of this floor with an antique flavor is called “Excavated Effect”, particular surface treatment obtained from a balanced mix of coarse cracks, large open knots and filled and real more or less deep furrows which, combined with the base of Oak aged, give it a unique appearance, markedly “rural”, but that creates a perfect contrast between the craftsmanship of the past and manual environments desing minimal contemporary style. The four sides of the element are processed with interlocking “tongue/groove”, micro-bevelled.

Nominal dimensions
• Thickness 15 mm. (including hardwood thickeness 3/4 mm.)
• width 190 mm. *
• length of 1,900 mm. **

* Widths vary according to the availability of time to mm. 180 mm.200;
** approx 20% cut into 2 parts

Wooden species
Oak Aged

Qualitative choices in compliance with UNI EN 13489 technical standards:
• Free Class FC

All items identifying finishes “Brushed and UV Oiled”.

Can be laid with bi-component glue or floating using the acoustic underlay.