Original Parquet SpA in 2011 obtained the FSC® C106780 CERTIFICATION, an international certification specific for the forestry sector and products, wooden and non-wooden, derived from forests.
It identifies products containing wood from forests managed in a correct and responsible way according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards. Through this certification it is therefore possible to demonstrate in a transparent and controlled manner its active contribution to responsible forest management. This means protecting the natural environment, bringing real benefits to populations, local communities, workers and ensuring efficiency in economic terms.
Numerous checks are also carried out by certified authorities in the forest and in the company in order to verify that the requirements defined by the FSC standards are fully respected. The forest of origin is independently controlled and assessed in accordance with these standards (principles and criteria of good forest management), established and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council a.c. through the participation and consent of interested parties.
You can find in the products section our FSC® C106780 certified parquet.


Original Parquet SpA since 2016 has obtained the PEFC (PEFC/18-31-932) CERTIFICATION, a certification system for sustainable forest management. The PEFC is an international initiative based on a broad understanding of the parties involved in the implementation of sustainable forest management at national and regional level.
Representatives of forest owners and poplar groves, end consumers, users, freelancers, the world of the wood industry and crafts participate in the development of the PEFC.
Its objectives include improving the image of silviculture and the forest-wood supply chain, effectively providing a market tool that makes possible the sale of wood and forest products deriving from forests and plants managed in a sustainable way.
You can find in the products section our PEFC (PEFC/18-31-932) certified parquet.

Release of formaldehyde
Another important certification for Original Parquet products is adherence to class E1 regarding release of Formaldehyde that is present in glues used to make the “sandwiches” of prefinished flooring.
The amount released in Easy Plancia is excellent as per analyses carried out in compliance with UNI EN 14342 : 2013 EN 717-1.

Original Parquet can also produce wood floors with low formaldehyde emissions on which the company has obtained the F **** result (4 stars) of the Japanese JIS test. All the plywood panels used for this kind of production are certified CARB PHASE II and TSCA Title VI.

The Regulation UNI 11622-1

Normativa 11622-1

This standard defines the minimum requirements for surface protection treatments of wood and / or wood-based  floors and of coatings similar to them, such as the walkable surfaces of wooden staircase, to be used for indoor  environments, as well as the methods and criteria of verification of the performance of a lacquering cycle applied to a standardized support.
Original Parquet has obtained, for its lacquering cycles, the maximum degree of suitability with regard to a surface protection treatment: “High attendance”

Screening (VOC)

As far as VOC screening is concerned, the results are excellent (< 0,005 mg/kg) and are indicated as per gas chromatography tests and thus the VOCs are to be considered practically absent.
The compounds that belong to this category are more than 300. The best known are aliphatic hydrocarbons (form nhexane, to nhexadecane and methylhexane), terpene, aromatic hydrocarbons, (benzene e derivates, toluene, oxylene, styrene), halogenated hydrocarbons (chloroform, dichloromethane, chlorobenzene, etc.), alcohols (ethanol, propanol, butanol and derivates), esters, ketone, and aldehyde (amongst which formaldehyde). Exposure to VOCs can cause chronic and acute effects. According to the concentrations, acute effects may include eye, nose and throat irritation, headache, nausea, vertigo, asthma. Exposure to high concentrations of these chemical compounds can cause chronic effects such as kidney damage, liver damage and damage to the central nervous system, cancer. People with respiratory problems are more inclined to get sick, as well as children, the elderly and people who are sensitive to chemical compounds.


Through its productive cycle, Original Parquet, is able to guarantee the CFLS1 certification which means having a Class 1 wooden floor for fire reaction. This certification will have to be expressly requested at the moment of ordering the material. Original Parquet has obtained the certifications that result under the UNI EN 13501-1 regulation for all the wood floors in Oak with support in Fir, Birch and Poplar.


Safety on your floor
For its wooden floorings Original Parquet developed finishing varnishes with hygienic activity reducing the bacterial load by 99.99%. The biocide action can result through the interaction with biological target structures, or through interferences in the cell metabolic and energetic processes; in other words blocking the bacteria’s breathing provoking their death as a consequence. The wooden floors treated with these varnishes enable to have a first precaution in case there is need to reduce bacterial contamination in a short time, especially when it might be very difficult to guarantee a deep cleansing due to the position of the base itself or in public environments where an immediate hygienic action may be necessary. The treatment is particularly suitable for wooden floors in houses or environments with pets.


Original Parquet, always committed finding products with the best characteristics, has developed protection varnishes that enable the wooden floor to be very resistant to abrasion. The company is equipped with a TABER test equipment that determines and certifies an abrasion resistance coefficient of each product. Thus MaxFORT, a highly resistant finishing suitable for high treading civil and public environments, was created. This treatment is obtained through the use of aluminium oxide and nanotechnologies.


Floors without stains, chemical resistance

The products reporting on their packages “Original Parquet lavorato in Italia” are tested for resistance to several chemical agents present in our daily lives, at home or at our offices. Ink, coffee, wine, vinegar, alcohol, acetone are those agents which can fall down on the floor every day.
Original Parquet’s wooden floorings give admirable results in terms of resistance to such agents, even if these were on the floor for several hours before being cleaned. They can be recognized by the label on the packaging: “Original Parquet processed in Italy” .


Original Parquet Spa subjects all of its flooring to the strictest of quality controls. You will find our flooring to be milled very exactingly with very few defects compared to industry standards. We hope you enjoy your Original Parquet floor! This residential warranty covers the original purchaser when the flooring is installed in a residential environment.


Original Parquet holds the 100% Made in Italy brand.
IT IS A CERTIFIED MARK WITH SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS IT01 - 100% Original Quality Italian acts according to system IT01 - 100% Original Italian Quality.