Colours Collections

The range of Original Parquet is wide and with a possibility of choice that can satisfy any kind of technical and aesthetic need. The strength of the company are the colors of its wooden floors, always elegant, design and avant-garde.
From the light colors of “Sbiancati” collection, passing through warm or cold tones of “Impregnati” or from the vein drawn by “Decappati”, from the varieties chromatic values of “Valore Aggiunto Italiano” up to the floors in Natural wood where the color difference is given by nature of essence itself.
After choosing the color you prefer you can combine it with a size suitable for the environment in which it was decided to walk on a warm wooden floor.

Normativa 11622-1







Valore Aggiunto Italiano

Oliati Naturali

Legni Naturali

Noce Europeo