Doga Leonardo

Leonardo collection is the memory of the trunk just cut, therefore it represents the true essence of wood in its naturalness. The large planks in three layers are in fact assembled from logs of big dimensions and to give this feeling of naturalness it does not make any selection (Single Choice – Free Class) leaving exposed even large knots and cracks, only partially filled, to admire in every environment the true heart of the wood.

All the four edges are produced with “tongue and groove” joint, micro-bevelled.

• Thickness: 14,5 mm. (3,6 mm. of hardwood top layer)
• Width: 190 mm.
• Length: can vary from 1500 to 2200 mm.

Type of wood:
Oak (Quercus Robur)

3-layers in Fir

The qualitative grades are in compliance with the technical standard UNI EN 13489:
Free Class (FC): stripe, flames, knots and cracks partially filled in black.
Discoloration, partial filling and marked bevel are researched characteristics of the product.

UV Oil, Water-based lacquer.

1) Brushed, Lacquered with UV Oil finishing
3) Brushed, Lacquered with UV Oil finishing ,Terra di Siena
4) Brushed, Lacquered with UV Oil finishing, Noce Miele
5) Brushed, Natural Oiled UV fixed, Effetto Neutro
6) Brushed, Natural Oiled UV fixed, Test 3
7) Brushed, Water-based lacquered, Grigio Amsterdam

The finishes as indicated above are binding and not variables.

The installation can be made using the bi-component adhesive of “floating”.







Note: Both FSC ® C106780 and PEFC™ 18-31-932 certifications can’t be attributed to the same product.