Tavole Nobili

The main aesthetical characteristic is to have a floor composed of four different lengths of panels to set alternatively matching each width to different lengths. This collection is designed to offer a new wooden floor that is innovative, but has an antique fascination, and it is able to recreate warm and comfortable environment without worrying about different shapes of panels. The four sides are made with tongue-and-groove joint, slightly chamfered.

Nominal dimensions
• Thickness: 15 mm. (4 mm. of fine wood).
• Width: 300/310 – 260 – 200 – 140/155 mm.
• Length: between mm. 1.000 and 2.000 mm.

Type of wood
Rustic Oak

The materials are in compliance with UNI EN 13489 technical standard – Rustic □

UV Oiling, UV Varnishing, Natural Oiling.

Sbiancati – Impregnati – Naturalizzati – Decappati – Valore Aggiunto Italiano – Oliati Naturali.

It can be made using either a bi component adhesive or a “floating” one by the use of a sound absorbing airbed underlay.