The ”Antico Tavolato” collection includes three products of different length and width to be set alternatively and recalls the aesthetic effect of “Tavole Nobili”, but it is 10 mm. thick.
This can also allow the setting in medium-small spaces without precluding the visual impact. The four sides are made with tongue-and-groove joint, slightly chamfered.

Nominal dimensions
• Thickness: 10 mm. (4 mm. of fine wood).
• Variable width: 90/120/150 mm.
• Mixed Length: from 900 to 1200 mm.

Type of wood

The materials are pursuant to UNI EN 13489 technical standard:
• Rustic □

UV varnishing (satin-finished / semi-polished) – UV oiling treatment.

Sbiancati – Impregnati – Decappati – Valore Aggiunto Italiano – Oliati Naturali.

It must be made using a bi-component adhesive.

All the codes above mentioned identifying finishes semi-gloss paint with brushing, excluded Sbiancato Colombo, Decapè and Impregnato Cognac products that they are with satin effect. Any different finishes should be specified during the order.