Superdoga XXL

The objective of SUPERDOGHE XXL collection is to bring in private or public places real planar portions of the trunk. By strictly observing the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification, trunks with a diameter of at least one meter and therefore much older than 100 years should be used to make these large boards. The prestige of this collection, as well as the width of about 350 mm., is exalted by the special length of the single elements that starts from two meters and can reach the four. For the special nature of this product, which includes planed forest cutting plans that are designed according to environmental requirements, it is not possible to guarantee continuity, so use should be planned well in advanceand according to availability; trunks cut, in fact, takes place only between November and May and the prestigious planks comes to our factory only for a few months a year. This gives further prestige to a product that will be a boon for the final customer who will have the privilege of hosting unique and natural pieces of forest history within their own environments.

nominal dimensions
Thickness: 15 mm. (4,5 mm. of hardwood top layer)
Width: 350 mm.
Lengths: 2.000/4.000 mm.

Types of Wood

The materials are in compliance with UNI EN 13489 technical standard:
Free Class (FC)

Sbiancati . Impregnati . Valore Aggiunto Italiano.

It can be made using a bicomponent glue or “floating” by the use of a sound-absorbing underlay.