Legni Naturali . Teak Asia

The Legni Naturali collection satisfies the need to feel the true nature of the essence of wood as it is in nature. From the autumn reddish of Cedar, Doussiè and Teak, passing through the tobacco color of Walnut and the warm and soft tones of Oak to arrive at the interweaving of tones full of strength and personality of the Olive. A wide range of sizes guarantees the right proportion with the size and needs of the environment.


Doghe Toscane: mm. sp.15/4 x 180/200 x 1.700/2.200
Easy Plancia: mm. sp. 10/4 x 120 x 600/1.200
Super Ready: mm. sp. 10/4 x 90 x 600/900
Ready Parquet: mm. sp. 10/4 x 70 x 450/600

Teak Asia

Teak Asia


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