The PICASSO collection represents the beauty of an oak board in all its authenticity, as mother nature gave us. Its colour range enhances its warmth and modernity. The naturalness of the unique choice is combined with the plus of Original Parquet’s SEVEN+ technology, creating a 100% Made in Italy collection with excellent technical performance. The product is built in two layers, 4 mm. of Oak and a birch plywood to perfectly balance the movements of natural wood. The Zero emission of Formaldehyde, the micro-bevelling on each of the 4 sides and the precise male-female profiling complete the very high technical standards of this collection.


Nominal dimensions

thickness: 15 mm. (4 mm. of hardwood top layer)*
width: 242 mm.
length: 1.850/2.150/2.350 mm.

thickness:15 mm. (4 mm. of hardwood top layer)*
width: 192 mm.
lengths: 1.850/2.150/2.350 mm.

thickness: 10 mm. (4 mm. of hardwood top layer)*
width: 152 mm.
lengths: 1.850/2.150/2.350 mm.

* variation of thickness ± 0.5 mm


Type of wood:

Hardwood top layer: Oak (Quercus Robur)
Support: Birch (Betula Pendula)


Qualitative grades in compliance with technical regulation UNI EN 13489 Free Class (FC)

Surface Aspects

It is a mechanical processing carried out on the surface of the laminate of noble wood made in order to enhance the natural grain of the oak. The brushed surface of ORIGINAL PARQUET is the result of orbital brushing and against vein, that cut and clean the grain of the wood in a softer and rounder way.

The aesthetic peculiarity of this type of surface is the transversal and irregular serration of each single plank, reminiscent of the artisanal processing of the sawn-cut boards.


The handscraped planed surface is the reference to one of the oldest techniques of surface processing of wood. The surface is scratched in a wavy and irregular way according to the different hardnesses present inside each single plank.


Finishing and Treatments

SEVEN+ – UV Matt Varnished


Knots filled in Oak color: Invisibile, Test 3, Noce Chiaro, Fumo di Londra Light and Antico
Knots filled in Dark color: Artico, Trasparente, Terra di Siena and Milano Eleganza