Original Parquet SpA has developed a system called Safe System that is able to improve the quality of thermal and acoustic insulation and make the setting of the floor easier.
This method consists of covering the substructure of a wooden floor with thin layers of aluminum, cork or isolating polyethylene.




ALUMINUNThe base of the wooden floor is covered by a thin aluminum layer. This covering allows to isolate and waterproof the floor, thus solving problems of pulverization, insubstantiality or humidity coming up from the block.
It is the ideal material for a “floating” setting on heated floors or preexisting floors.


sugheroThe base of the wooden floor is covered by a cork layer whose thickness is 2 mm.
It is the ideal material for the floating setting. The cork Safe System covering can improve 30% thermic isolation and can have good results in acoustic isolation.
Furthermore it is effective mainly in the softening of the acoustic pressure level of tread without using the mat.


isolanteThe base of the wooden floor is covered by a rubber isolating layer of 2 mm polyethylene.
This covering is a practical and cheap solution for the setting of a floating floor without the use of a mat.