The production plant is the productive heart of Original Parquet because it boasts peculiar characteristics that take origin in the four years of study for the construction of the system itself.

Original Parquet continuously invests in the quality and research of materials, colors and finishes to constantly update itself on the market. One example among many is the ‘natural satin’ effect which is the flagship of the company. In 2009 Original Parquet designed a particular product: the Noble Boards, with an ‘oiled wax effect’ finish, called “lappato” (honed), as it has a satin finish but also has a very smooth effect to the touch.

When the wood grain comes into contact with the colors developed by Original Parquet they take on unique characteristics resulting from time and research. Initially carried out with tests done by hand, they are then studied for production on an industrial scale.

SEVEN+ is the advanced cycle of varnishing and finishing developed by Original Parquet. Seven or more layers of varnishes and finishes applied with the latest technologies give the Original parquet wood floor superior technical performances.