The Quilt is a fabric made with an ancient and original technique coming from recycled fabrics, like any remnants or scraps obtained by the rehashing of the dress, and are very useful to realize delicious blankets. One of the oldest preserved Quilt is from Sicily manufacturing, dating back to the fourteenth century. The Quilt includes a single color variant, in wood tones that we find only in nature, using the darkened Oak in various tones through an artificial oxidation process. Completely with inlays, Quilt is composed by many individual pieces of wood artfully cut, pre-finished and installed on site for a floor or covering with an elegant and handcrafted flavor.

quilt2    quilt3

Thickness: 15 mm. (4 mm. of hardwood top layer – variation of thickness ± 0.5 mm)
Dimensions: 404 mm. each edge
Essence: Thermo-Treated Oak
Grade: Free Class (FC)
Treatment: UV Varnishing (Transparent)