Tasmania has over time become synonymous of “light wool fabric”; this extraordinary worsted fabric takes its name from the island of Tasmania, located in the south of Australia, because it was originally made with merino wool coming only from these pristine lands.
Completely with inlays, Tasmania is composed by many individual pieces of wood artfully cut, treated and installed on a 120×120 cm. sized engineering panel to go to dress in a simple and fast way the floors or walls of any room.

Thickness: 15 mm. (4 mm. of hardwood top layer – variation of thickness ± 0.5 mm)
Dimensions: 1.000 x 1.000 mm.
Essence: choice between Oak, European Walnut, Teak
AsiaInserts: Wengè
Grade: Free Class (FC)
Treatment: UV Varnishing (Transparent)